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Sylver is the first WordPress theme made by litMotion Templates. It is a very versatile theme, with 7 diffrent homestyles and tens of variations, and because of its great design can be used in multiple applications.


I'm very impressed with this theme and its outstanding customer support. Working with the theme is very smooth, intuitive and easy. The design and attention to aesthetics are second to none. I'm very pleased with it and look forward to working with more themes from this author in the future. Thank you for your excellent support!

Aside from the beauty of this layout and its versatility, I contacted support as I needed some guidance with a few features and promptly received all the info that I needed, including step by step info. Thanks to the support I understood I had set up a feature incorrectly and received help to fix it. Great job, keep up the good work!

Quick step by step help. Thank you!


If you have any questions about the themes or if you experience problems with one of the products, please send us a message and we will respond you as soon as possible!